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Brand photography is a collection of images that reflect a brands story. These images include specific colors, props, models, locations that visually represent the brand. In this online-era, branding images are used for social media, websites, emails, and ads. This will help the brand establish trust and connection to potential customers which is key to scale any business model.

Branding photography is perfect for businesses, entrepreneurs, and anyone trying to build an online presence. It's for those ready to use professional brand imagery to market their business and use it strategically on social media and other platforms. So, if you're ready to reach your marketing goals and convert your audience into customers, you need a branding photoshoot.

This changes based on your needs and budget. To determine what will work best for you, we will first get together or video call to talk about you, your business, and what you need the images for. Once, we identify your goals and I can come up with your own package. However, all packages do come with a discovery call to determine needs and goals, personalized brand board, details on wardrobe, setting, props, and moodboard. This will help us all be organized and on the same page.

The best part! Within 48hrs you will receive a proof gallery to choose your favorite headshots. Once I receive your favorites, I will start the editing and retouching process. Typically, you will receive your final gallery in 3 steps. First, your content images edited, second, your headshots retouched, and third, B-roll video from your shoot. This process takes about 2-4weeks to receive the complete final gallery. Depending on the size of the branding project, determines when you receive your deliverables.

Yes! I started this journey capturing moments of my friends in school which led me to senior pictures, maternity, weddings., and everything in between. Nothing really is off the table, if you have an idea - I'll love to hear it! I also do coverage for any type of event that needs photos. I love working with small business but I enjoy connecting with you for a more personal photo session, so don't be afraid to reach out :) 

I'm currently working on what I call the ultimate guide for my clients for both indooor and outdoor location in Oregon. However, I'm still very much involved in picking location options for my clients based on their needs and the vision. This goes same with a style guide, I'm working on one at the moment but I do send out outfit inspo to get ideas on how to coordinate with families or if you simply just need outfit ideas for your session. Sometimes we are going for a certain vibe and fashion and color play a big part of that and with my help we can make that vision happen :)



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